I want to thank you for the superb job you did in designing and landscaping our backyard. You took a "blank slate" of mud, weeds, and major drainage problems and created a backyard where we will be able to entertain and enjoy the space for years to come.
O'Keefe Residence
Fairfax, VA

We have been a customer of Cedar Run Landscape for five years and they have handled both our weekly service as well as several large landscaping projects including brick patios, stone walls, ponds, and overall landscape design around our home. Each year, we are extremely impressed with the strong attention to design, detail and customer satisfaction we receive from the entire team. Daryl and his team have transformed our yard into a peaceful, beautiful area that we will enjoy for a long time.
Bognet Residence
Vienna, Virgina

I generally was very pleased with your lawn mowing services last year. Your prices are reasonable and the work is well done. I like the fact that you provide additional services on demand.
Golding Residence
McLean, VA

It was good coming home yesterday afternoon and walking on my finished patio. It really looks good and I want to pass on an "atta boy" to Donnie and his crew. You did a good job with the design and you deserve an atta boy too.
Renzetti Residence
Vienna, VA

Wow, I am so impressed. The crew came early this morning before I left work. I just returned and the front yard looks FABULOUS! Thank your crew for me. They totally got rid of all the underlying weeds, stones, out of control shrubbery, etc. They even took the solar lights out to do the work and put them back in the same formation. I would give you guys an A+.
Mrs. Kelley
Oak Hill, VA

If your kind note and very generous gift certificate were not enough to solidify my loyalty to Cedar Run, the work done on our yard today by your crews was certainly was. It was a horribly cold and rainy day and I hated to see the guys out there, but I have to say when I returned home after several hours I couldn't believe what and AMAZING job they did. Your employees really are to be commended.
Morehouse Residence
Great Falls, VA

Having been disappointed with two previous lawn services, I engaged the services of Daryl Schauss and Cedar Run Landscaping three years ago for our homeowners association, my church and my home. I will say of the team at Cedar Run what can be said of fewer and fewer companies today... I commend them to you without reservation.
Dodge Residence
Vienna, VA

Thanks again for the time you spent in helping us to find a solution for our backyard. Don was absolutely terrific. Not only did he and his team do beautiful work, but in addition he's got a great sense of customer service.
Saaty Residence
McLean, VA

Thanks to your professional employees who are responsible for my spring yard "dress up"!!!!!! (That's what I like to call it) it is so beautiful, that I can't let another day go by without thanking you. Your men may not have realized that the neighbors were all eyes watching them!!! There was no "Mickey Mouse" ---- no standing around letting someone else do the work. It was all business.
Follett Residence
McLean, VA

We wanted to take the time to let you know that we are thrilled with the job your crew did these last couple of days. The property has been transformed, and we are thoroughly enjoying it.
Manishin Residence
McLean, VA

I will recommend your company without qualification to anyone seeking input from a satisfied customer in the future. You, and prospective customers, should know that this letter is unsolicited, and represents our feelings about our new patio. Thank you and your men for me in a job well done.
D'Ermes Residence
Falls Church, VA

We write to express to you our sheer delight with the landscaping that was done for us by the Cedar Run Team. From the time we started the process with the design until the last shrub was planted. The enthusiasm of all involved from Cedar Run remained high and even contagious. Daryl did an outstanding job of combining our ideas with his own and drew up a wonderful plan, capturing the vision for the landscape.
Parker Residence
Alexandria, VA

Resources - Instructions and Tips

Questions about your Landscaping Pavers

Q: What is the white blush that occasionally appears on a paver?

A: The white on top of any concrete product is generally referred to as efflorescence. Efflorescence is free lime generated by both the cement and the aggregates within the product. Generally, during the first few months of production these calcium deposits work through the products from the inside to the top surface of the pavers. In time, through the natural weathering process, this deposit wears off.

Q: Will weeds grow through the joints of pavers?

A: We have found that occasionally there is some growth that happens in the joints of the pavers, generally a result of wind-carried seeds (weeds do not actually grow up from underneath the pavers). Any type of systemic weed killer can be applied without damaging the pavers. Many weeds are easily pulled by hand.

Q: Can we put de-icing salt on the pavers?

A: Yes, de-icing salts will not damage the pavers the absorption rate is so low that very little salt will penetrate the pavers. (Salt penetrating concrete is what causes scaling.) Though excessive de-icing salt can stain the pavers, these stains will wear off with time.

Q: Does the color fade?

A: Generally, the paver color tends to lighten over time. This is caused by surface wear and natural pollutants.

Q: Will the compactor scar the surface of the paver?

A: Due to compaction, which is a necessary construction process, slight scuffing does occur. We fasten a rubber pad to the compactor to eliminate most of this. What little does occur will blend in naturally over time.

Q: Will the pavers break under heavy traffic such as a garbage truck or moving van?

A: The driveway pavers are very strong. In fact, pavers are 2-3 times stronger than ordinary concrete. A Cedar Run Landscaping Paver Driveway is designed to withstand the weight of a moving van or garbage truck. If you need to bring a very heavy truck (such as a cement truck) onto the drive, contact us for information on how to protect the drive.

Q: Will there be a consistent blend during the installation of the pavers?

A: To ensure a consistent blend, our installers pull pavers from multiple cubes to assure no clustering of colors. After all the pavers are laid, we inspect the project and move pavers if necessary to ensure a consistent blend.

Q: We like the pavers when they are wet. How can we keep them looking that way?

A: Sealers will give your pavers a wet look. Sealers are not needed for the protection of the pavers, only for maintaining this wet look if you desire it. Sealers should only be applied after the paver installation has weathered one winter. This is to ensure that all efflorescence has worn off. We recommend an acrylic penetrating sealer. This has a life of approximately 2-4 years. The sealer can be reapplied in the future. Call us for more details.

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